4 videos about Online Verification Skills by Civix & Mike Caulfield

Mike Caulfield is definitely one of my favorite thinkers and writers on Open Education and Online Media Literacy. I was excited to see he has been working with the amazing Canadian non-profit Civix to create a series of videos with tips to enhance our online verification skills.

The videos are short and direct, sometimes a bit too much, but Caulfield already addresses this point in his dedicated blog post, which I personally recommend to read before you use or watch the videos.

However, I believe they could be extremely useful in a classroom setting, and a great way to introduce students to essential skills of media literacy. As usual, Civix has done a great job editing and working the videos, and the whole thing (4 videos) doesn’t take more than 12 minutes to watch. Excellent resources to kickstart your digital literacy class.


You can find the whole playlist here


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